Types of Contact Lenses

Daily Disposables

Daily disposables are ideal for many wearers, whether you are starting out with lenses, whether you wear them occasionally or whether you need to wear them every day! With no cleaning requirements, these lenses are simply worn once and exposed of. These lenses are often suggested for our younger clientele, as the risk of any infections is kept to a bare minimum. This lens type is also perfect for those needing them for sports, or just for social events, or maybe weekend wearers… and what’s great is that we can even correct most of your astigmatism and even do your reading vision with it!

Silicone Hydrogels

Silicone Hydrogel lenses are a recent breakthrough in soft contact lens wear and are revolutionising the way soft contact lenses are worn. They are healthier than conventional soft lenses because they allow up to six times more oxygen to pass through. This is perfect for those wearers who need to wear lenses for long periods. If you have had an intolerance to contact lenses due to dry eyes then silicone hydrogel lenses could be the answer. Oxygen is carried through the lens by silicone and not water, which means they do not dry out as much as conventional contact lenses. These lenses are also great for people who work in air conditioned environments or those who work on a VDU.
These lenses are available as Daily Disposables, Two-weekly and Monthly lenses and some even allow for extended wear (which allow you to sleep in the lenses!) Toric forms are also available to correct for astigmatism.

Presbyopic Lenses

Around the age of 40 the eye muscles can not accommodate for near vision. Many contact lens wearers feel they need to either give up contact lens wear altogether, or are forced to wear reading glasses over the top of their distance contact lenses. For those who wear contact lenses for the freedom of not having to wear glasses, this can be a nuisance.
However varifocal contact lenses are available and come in both daily and two-weekly or monthly forms, so you may continue your contact lens wear without a problem!



Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses are rigid, but the plastics they are made from are more flexible than conventional hard lenses. Modern RGP lenses allow more oxygen to pass through the eye.
Although soft lenses are fitted most commonly, gas permeable lenses are excellent for certain prescriptions ie. High prescriptions, astigmatism and keratoconos.


Finally the time has come where funky and fancy dress contact lenses are available in your prescription! * (upto -4.00DS) Whether its coloured contact lenses, or the scary dracula look, or maybe the Terminator look! or maybe it’s the flag of the country you’re cheering on at the next world cup or cricket match. We will provide the lens in your prescription so you can look the part and see great too!

Easy as that

It’s never been easier to order contact lenses. Simply fill out our online form and the team will be in touch to confirm your order. It’s as easy as that!