Our Team

Mr Parant Bhudia BSc (Hons) MCOPTOM

Parant graduated from Aston University in 2004 and completed his professional qualifying at The Institute of Optometry, London and in independent practice. He has continued to serve patients in the high street and domiciliary community. He has since developed specialist skills in contact lenses, diabetic screening, glaucoma screening, sports vision and dry eyes. He has recently trained to perform specialist procedures in the treatment of blepharitis, and is also a qualified OFSTED First Aider.

Mrs Bejal Bhudia BSc (Hons) MCOPTOM

Bejal graduated from Cardiff University in 2002 and completed her professional qualifying at The Institute of Optometry and in a community practice in Dorking and Milton Keynes. She later gained a principal optometrist role for a highly competitive and fast paced clinical establishment in Sloane Square, London. She has developed her bubbly approach and communication skills serving the aristocratic community in the Chelsea and Kensington area, liaising with top professionals in many fields. She has a particular interest in diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.

Iqra Shaqueel

Iqra is the ray of sunshine who brightens up every phone call and makes you feel right at home in our practice. She’s the sunglasses guru, always ready to help you pick out the perfect pair for your next trip. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or want to keep it classic, Iqra’s got your back!

When she’s not busy at work, Iqra is a total movie buff, with a soft spot for Harry Potter. She’s always up for a chat about the latest flicks and can recommend the best hidden gems for your next movie night.

Dave Van Waterschoot

Meet Dave – With over 20 years of experience, he knows one or two things about finding you the perfect pair of specs. He and Paz go way back to Dave’s hometown in Essex, over 15 years ago. Finally, the A-Team is back together!

Not only is Dave here to help you select your new frames and lenses, but he’s also leading the way on our social media platforms. Keep an eye out for exciting new products and technology reveals on all of our online channels.

Outside of work you’d find Dave either on the terraces at his beloved Spurs or working on his pub shed.

Easy as that

It’s never been easier to order contact lenses. Simply fill out our online form and the team will be in touch to confirm your order. It’s as easy as that!

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