STARCK Biotech Paris

Starck Eyes becomes Starck Biotech Paris to merge more than ever design with biomechanics, placing Bionisme at its core: taking inspiration from the organic to innovate, in favor of humanity. Each pair of glasses is created using Biolink® technology, a screwless hinge designed based on the human collarbone, delivering greater comfort and flexibility. Starck Biotech Paris is the intersection of technology and the designer’s essence, his philosophy… paired with a sophisticated Parisian attitude.

Each of the styles of the collection constitutes an elegant extension of the individual.
Even disappearing from our perceptive field and merging completely with the body in harmony.
The collection is about richness of colors and purity of lines combined with subtle contrasts.
Starck Biotech Paris is not a revolution, it is the right evolution.” Philippe Starck


Truly Pocketable – Gone are the days of bulky cases and glasses falling off your shirt collar. ROAV sunglasses folds up to fit in the skinniest of jeans and the smallest of purses.

Astonishingly Durable – The patented micro hinges are press-formed into the stainless steel frame; unlike traditional eyewear hinges that are soldered or riveted. Fewer parts to break equals fewer broken glasses.

Weightless Comfort – No more sore noses and constant slippage. Our frames are laser cut from ultra-thin stainless steel and weigh less than 20 grams, so you may forget they’re even on.

Our Micro Hinge – A miniature marvel of epic proportions. The most advanced eyewear hinge ever developed is ultra-durable, screw-free, spring loaded, and positively tiny.

Shaking up the industry – moving beyond the bulky and breakable frame construction of yesteryear. We’ve assembled a team of designers, engineers, and eyewear veterans to wipe the drawing board clean and create frames that the 21st century deserves.

OVVO optics

Material – OVVO bring you four high performance materials into one frame: carbon fiber, exotic wood, military grade surgical steel, and titanium. The Surgical Steel & Titanium Collection implements patented technology that defies the limits of design and performance. Each frame is constructed from a military grade surgical steel and titanium composite consisting of 70% steel and 30% titanium.
This hypoallergenic metal first discovered in spacecraft development offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory, and heat resistance.

Hinge – The patented screwless hinges are simple by design, yet reliable and durable. These hinges can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and are lab tested to withstand 300,000 rotations – comparable to 205 years of usage. All in a frame weighing 0.6 ounces.

DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON – OVVO utilize innovative diamond-like carbon nano technology to bring the characteristics of diamonds to eyewear.

Thinking of the environment

With the health of the planet a main priority for us all. We are very pleased to be able to offer a beautiful selection of eco friendly frames. From Biodegrable acetate, natural materials and recycled metals.

Our Eco friendly brands consist of eco eyewar, Botaniq and the William Morris Eco range. There are more and more brands doing this so expect to see many more soon.

eco eyewear – An award winning brand that is doing its part for the enviorment. Using Ocean plastics, Biobased materials and recycled metals the have a a wide range of frames which include magnetic clip-on polarised sunglasses. eco is another brand that plants one tree for each frame sold and are currently at 2.5million trees.

Bespoke Eco eyewearClick here to find out more about the exciting i-Green & O-Six collections.

Botaniq eyewear  A sustainable choice makes you feel good and we all know we need to do more for the planet. With every Botaniq frame sold one tree is planted.

We recycle old specs, just click here for more details.

Easy as that

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