Contact Lenses

Initial Overview

So you have decided to enjoy the freedom of contact lenses?! Following a full eye examination a contact lens consultation is next.
During a contact lens consultation we will establish “your needs” first, in order to decide upon the best type of lens for you. A detailed inspection of the front surface of the eye is carried out and then accurate corneal measurements are taken to achieve the right fitting lens. Trial contact lenses are then fitted and the compatibility assessed on your eyes. We will take the time to teach you how to insert and remove the lenses safely before you are given any trials to take away.
Following the initial consultation, an after-care appointment is required to ensure the lenses suit you and your eyes remain healthy. Check-ups at regular intervals are essential to ensure the lenses are doing their job and your eyes are happy. This will be determined by the Optometrist and at regular intervals (dependent upon individual requirements) but normally suggested for every 6 months.
Contact lenses are constantly improving so even if contact lenses have not worked for you in the past, it is worth trying again. Nowadays almost all those who need vision correction are able to wear contact lenses, whether it is for distance, near, intermediate or all three!

Handle and Caring for Your CLs

Before you leave the practice, you will be taught how to handle your new contact lenses.
This involves inserting and removing the lenses from your eyes and also instructions on how to clean and look after them (if they are not daily disposable lenses). Wearing contact lenses safely involves commitment from you on following our instructions on disposal of the lenses or cleaning and disinfecting. This is VERY important. Dirty contact lenses can cause lots of problems including infections, discomfort and may reduce your sight.
Do not change your cleaning system without advice from us. Once you are competent with the handling you build up your wearing time gradually and we will closely monitor the progress before you become a pro!


Finally the time has come where funky and fancy dress contact lenses are available in your prescription! * (upto -4.00DS) Whether it’s coloured contact lenses, or the scary dracula look, or maybe the Terminator look! or maybe its the flag of the country you’re cheering on at the next world cup or cricket match (currently only available as non-prescription).  Now also offering I-GLOW (glow in the dark contact lenses) We will provide the lens in your prescription so you can look the part and see great too!

Easy as that

It’s never been easier to order contact lenses. Simply fill out our online form and the team will be in touch to confirm your order. It’s as easy as that!